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Wedding Planning

Published on 20th May 2019

Planning Your Wedding? We’ve Got You Covered!

While it’s tempting to dive straight into planning the exciting wedding stuff like choosing flowers, the dress, the venue – before you leap into arranging your big day, a wedding planning checklist should be the first thing you should have! We’ve seen many brides spend too much attention on certain areas, overlooking smaller details that play a vital part in your day being picture perfect.

Now there’s no need for you to go out and buy all sorts of books, planners or check sheets – we’ve got you covered! Download our event planning checklist for free and make sure you’ve attended to everything you need for your wedding planning journey. Wedding planning is really exciting, but there are times when it will also get extremely stressful! All the more reason to have your wedding checklist handy.

How long does it take to plan a Wedding?

To be safe, we’d advise giving yourself around 12 months to plan your wedding. Yip, that’s a whole year, we know! We’ve seen weddings being planned in a week (not ideal!), but, giving yourself enough time to make sure your day is absolutely perfect will be so worthwhile. Starting 12 months before you say ‘I do’ will ensure:

  • You can book your favourite wedding furniture hire pieces in the colours and quantities you want
  • You have ample time to carefully pick suppliers, saving money you may spend to get help at the last minute
  • Book early and secure your dream venue
  • Planning well in advance gives you time to put to work a savings plan for your ideal day
  • One year gives you time to get in shape and slim down, (if that’s what you want), get the perfect tan, attend to any skin or health issues and ensure that you’re happy and healthy for your wedding day.
  • Most importantly, enjoy your engagement phase with the love of your life! It’s a magical and romantic time, ensure that you have enough free time to soak up each other’s company

We have no doubt that with our event checklist, you’ll have it covered! Do remember to ask the event furniture hire professionals for guidance for your big day. Planning a wedding is seriously hard work! Get professionals to share their advice, expertise and of course extra hands on deck always make life easier, and will go a long way to ensure you can have peace of mind to enjoy your day, while all the details are taken care of.

Chat to us today for your wedding furniture hire advice!