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Using colour to bring warmth to your event

Published on 4th July 2022

When we think about ‘warmth’ an image of bright yellow sunshine, a roaring red-hot fire, and the multicolours of blooming flowers in spring come to mind. Warm colours on the colour wheel have a strong personality and we’re going to share some ideas on how to cosy up your event décor with these bold options.

Colours can influence mood changes, a feeling of warmth or coolness. Yellow, red, orange, and different shades of these are warm colours. Green, blue, purple and shades of these colours are cool colours. During these chilly winter months, we are theming events in rich warm colours, for example the ruby red of a glass of wine is a luxurious accent to naturally coloured furnishing and harmonizes with wood, leather, and brick. Introduce the burgundy red colour by choosing a statement piece like an armchair, a floor rug, or with scatter cushions on chairs and sofas. Red, luxurious draping also enhances the drama of any event staging and as a dominant colour, evokes feelings of excitement, energy, and love.

Yellow is the colour associated with happiness, enjoyment, and entertainment ((Mahnke) . It is the colour that’s most bright among all others. Using yellow will reflect light in and around a room to make it feel bigger and brighter. Yellow can broaden, lengthen, and add light to oddly shaped spaces, passageways, and ceilings. The spicy and muddy shades of yellow combined with natural textures and warm toned accent colours create a comfortable mellow atmosphere for any seating, studying, or meeting area. Use a bright or lemon-y yellow to finish with a POP on monochromatic furnishings and accessories. Vases of bright yellow tulips, roses or lilies can create statement pieces with just black and white.

How does orange make you feel? "Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions," the artist Pablo Picasso once remarked.

Orange is a controversial colour. People either love it or hate it! Research shows that orange is considered a highly stimulating but friendly colour. It’s attention grabbing and visually noticeable just like the setting sun. Orange is also linked to autumn, leaves, pumpkins, and Halloween. Different shades of orange interact well with brown and green accent pieces for a rich earthy theme. It works well using a little bit of vibrancy in accessories such as sofa throws, scatter cushions, flowerpots, light diffusers, or pendant lamps. Don’t forget the great outdoors, on a bright, sunny day, when most colours look a little washed out, orange flowers and foliage seem to glow even more brightly and really come into their own.

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