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Plan the Perfect Outdoor Event

Published on 1st October 2018

With the summer just around the corner, outdoor events are making their comeback – offering great fun and a range of gorgeous spaces for event planners and party organisers to create the perfect outdoor event. Just take a look at these gorgeous Pinterest inspirational themed outdoor event photos we found!

While having a shin dig under the big blue sky is amazing, there are a few important things to consider before you plan your outdoor party:

Be Prepared

A good outdoor event is hard to beat, but it also leaves quite a bit up to Mother Nature. Spring in South Africa could be a sweltering hot day, which becomes a nippy downpour in a heartbeat – so be sure to provide sufficient shelter should your guests need to take cover from rain or harsh sun.

Also bear in mind that while whimsical décor and furniture may look intricate – ensure that you’ve chosen robust furniture and a setting that won’t get swept away in a nasty gust of wind.

Before getting swept away in planning your outdoor soiree, ensure you have secured any necessary permits, clearance certificates or permissions to use the space and that you have full reach to all the access points or other areas you may need for the day.

Be sure to check all these requirements with your venue organiser to make sure you’ve fine-tuned all the details before the day.

Choosing a Theme

Luckily most party themes can work for outdoor events, but here are a few of our favourites! Remember that while your event is outdoors, you don’t necessarily have to use typical outdoor furniture for an outdoor event. Be creative and choose items which your guests may not expect to see outside! Why not use traditional sofas, bars and loungers one would expect at a gala dinner? Think out of the box!

Open Air Cinema

Screen a live event, show off your latest products and services or have a movie-themed evening with drive-in style seating, picnic blankets, loungers, blow up sofas and cinema type food and beverages. Everybody loves movie night!

Take Inside Outside

Be bold! Take vibrant colours and geometric pattern combinations you’d expect to see indoors, outdoors! They work really well together in an outdoor setting – especially in the rising heat of Spring. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns to make tables and pause areas pop with colour. Tantalize your guests eyes with metallic finished furniture, flamboyant table cloths, bright vibrant florals and foliage and flowers they may expect to see in a banquet hall. Add soft lighting to these pieces outdoors and your signature furniture off beautifully.

Tropical Paradise

This theme is always an outdoor winner! A tropical setting makes guests feel relaxed and social. Choose furniture and accents which are bold in colour, combined with others that show off of raw wood, rough edges or rustic vibes. Add subtle hints with tropical food and some tantalizing spring cocktails and your guests are set to relax in style!


This of look is just perfect for outdoor weddings and intimate gatherings. Not only is it quaint, but incorporating florals, rustic décor, give outdoor event a breezy Spring vibe with sprinklings of fairy lights and lanterns

Light up the Night

Light up the night outdoor with trendy LED furniture and create a gorgeous whimsical summer feeling. LED furniture is not only appealing and cutting edge, it’s durable and weather resistant – your perfect partner for outdoor magic. Combine the LED ambient effect by putting candles in mason jars and scatter around the event space to create a magical setting for your most valued guest.