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Keep your guests warm with these HOT furniture pieces

Published on 9th July 2019

It may be chilly outside, but staying cozy indoors this winter with those you love is easier than ever with these great tips. Whether it’s a small intimate gathering at home, or a large-scale corporate event, we’ve got you covered! From something hot to drink, to hiring extra heaters that’ll bring instant extra warmth, you’ll be defrosted in no time.

Keep your guests warm with these hot tips:

1. Make sure your area is as blocked off from the elements as possible

If you are having an outdoor event, consider putting up a tent that could shield you and your guests from the elements, or even a large umbrella if necessary. Nobody wants to get soaked in an unexpected bout of rain, or frozen in a sudden gust of wind. Prevention is key here!


2. Consider providing extra warmth with blankets

A small fleece blanket goes a long way in the dead of winter. For that extra bit of cosiness, why not get a small fleece blanket for each guest that they can use in case of extreme cold? It’s guaranteed to help people relax and get warm in any setting.


3. Serve something hot to warm the soul

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee! With that in mind, setting up a warm beverage station could be just what you need at your winter event! Offering anything from coffee and cappuccinos, to various kinds of teas and hot chocolate, we’re sure this will go down as a treat with guests! Not only will it be an awesome feature for your event but it’ll definitely help turn up the heat to keep you all warm. If you’re serving food, consider also serving something delicious and warm. Perhaps a nice warm pasta dish, or even a curry if you want to turn up the heat even more! Even a hot dessert like malva pudding is sure to go down well in cold weather with some delicious custard.


4. When all else fails, bring out the big guns: Hire a heater for your event

If you’re still shivering and shaking after these 3 steps, it’s time to bring out the big guns. We’ve got various heaters for hire that are perfect for an array of events. Depending on the space and budget you have, you can choose from our range of braziers and other heaters available to suit your needs. These are all portable heaters for hire, and can easily be set up at many venues. Always make sure to double check the safety requirements of a venue when booking extra heating in terms of where these heaters may be placed, and how many of them you’re allowed to use. Placing these heaters optimally throughout the space will also ensure that as many of your guests as possible benefit from your investment in extra heating for your event.

If you’re interested in hiring heaters for your next event, please take a look at our selection here or directly request a hire quote here. We hope you’ll stay warm and snug with these tips this winter!