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Download your Free Event Planner Checklist

Published on 27th November 2018

Event planning can be highly stressful, but it can be even more stressful if you don’t properly prepare. In fact, being a event coordinator was named the fifth most stressful job in 2017 by Forbes!

For your convenience, this blog outlines the top tips to remember for your next event, and includes a downloadable link to the tried and tested Inspire Furniture Event Planner Checklist.

Event planning starts months before your big bash. We recommend that your first planning step should be to have an event planner checklist which outlines the details and tasks needed for a seamless event. Using a good event checklist will give you peace of mind to execute a polished and positively memorable event! Click on one of the below images to download your event checklist

Event purpose and objective

Before you jump into any event arrangements, be clear on the event’s purpose. Are you aiming to raise funds? If so, how much? Do you want to wow VIP guests? Who is your audience? How many guest would you like to attend? Be sure you have the answers to these questions as they will form the framework around which you’ll build your event.

Planning Event Furniture Hire

Some venues only provide the space, so you’ll need to bring in all your furniture and decor, while others provide basics like tables and chairs. Double check exactly what’s included with your venue so that you don’t double up, or overlook anything.

Bear in mind that your furniture selection should all follow a theme, with a few larger feature pieces like a super funky lounger or a big gold sofa to be the focal points in the room. Chat to our professional team to ensure you’ve selected your furniture collection appropriately for your venue – Send Mail

Event Set Up and Strike Down Plan

Setup always takes longer than breakdown, so remember:

• Are chairs and tables to be set up or will they be in place when you arrive? (Add 30 – 45 minutes for table/chair setup.)

• Are you having just tablecloths and one centerpiece? Or full place settings, multi-piece centerpieces, favors, candles and place cards? Do a mock table set up before hand to get an idea of how long each table will take.

• How long will it take to put up lighting, draping, a photo booth or a treats area?

• Make sure to have both time and a professional team dedicated to set up your AV and music and know how long they’ll need.

For your event strike down, it’s important to pay attention to the venue rules – some venues want items removed directly after the event, while other venues expect only furniture to be broken down and floors swept and mopped, or some are somewhere in between. Make sure to allow time and allocate a reliable team for your strike down.

If you’re reaching out to a professional team such as Inspire for your furniture hire, our experienced team deliver your furniture order, set up, strike down and collect your event furniture requiring no effort from your side – leaving you to attend to more important matters! Contact us

Event Budget

It’s vital that you know what budget you have available for the event – even if it’s a rough estimate. Bearing in mind that you may be hiring a venue or marquee, serving food and drinks, paying guest speakers, designing invitations, paying support staff and possibly renting furniture and décor. Draw up a list of your estimated expenses plus add a little extra for any miscellaneous costs which might crop up and you’ll be set!

Venue Logistics

Once you’ve booked your venue, be sure to collate venue details like where guests and suppliers park, directions, entry / exit zones, WiFi passwords, plug points, bathroom locations, venue organiser & IT support contact numbers, and if you need any special venue clearance to bring large scale items on and off site.

To ensure that none of your event details slip through the cracks, use an event checklist at any point in your the event planning to minimise your stress and to ensure you’ve covered all event planning bases.

Download your copy of the Inspire event checklist visit – compiled by our team based on extensive event experience and prepare to run your event like a rock star!