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5 ways leading suppliers ensure sustainability

Published on 3rd June 2022

Sustainable events are in high demand. According to Forbes, 88% of consumers want brands to help them be more environmentally friendly.

There is a common misconception that green means expensive, but it's quite the opposite. In the event space, green often means cheaper, and easier to sell to clients.

So how is this achieved? We've selected five ways leading event suppliers are going green - and we're here to share some tips with you!

Go digital.
We don't mean you should stick to virtual events, we know face-to-face is high in demand. Since 2020, the event world has been forced into a sudden and rapid innovation period. Digital invitations and registration, digital signage, interactive mobile apps, and event management software are easy and cost-effective ways to work greener. AV suppliers have advanced their offerings to support a greener approach.

Give gifts that give back
Recycled material-based pens, folders, notebooks, and other event collateral are always a popular choice. You can also reduce your footprint with imports where possible by supporting local. Recycled materials have come far and the quality is the same, or better, than mass-produced options. Opt for gifts that give back and suppliers that support charities, or prioritise sustainability in their businesses.

Food waste matters
With last-minute cancellations and extra food on order, make sure you know what the venue does with the surplus. Where possible, surplus food can be donated to organisations dedicated to repurposing raw and leftover cooked foods - reducing the waste and feeding those in need.

Choose sustainable venues

With loadshedding on the rise, many venues are converting their power systems to include solar and UPS backups. While this is still fairly new, asking the question to venue suppliers helps drive the change. Solar backups are a quieter option than generators, too!

Décor makes a difference too.
Fresh plants not only contribute to sustainability but add a beautiful aesthetic to almost any theme - and reusing decor pieces or hiring from a trusted supplier reduces your footprint too. Furniture can be green as well - and here, Inspire Rentals can help. Our business ethos encapsulates reuse and recycle, and we pride ourselves on our large contribution to a green future.

Inspire Furniture is committed to working with you, as an event partner, invested in your success. Get in touch with our team today to discuss how Inspire can help bring your vision to life.