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4 Tips for Choosing Exhibition Furniture

Published on 22nd October 2018

When it comes to choosing hire furniture for your exhibition, it’s important to strike a balance between aesthetics, design, and good old functionality.

Before choosing your exhibition furniture, consider these top tips:

1 – Sensible Seating

Exhibitions are hard work for the people manning the stands. Exhibitions often demand multiple long days of standing, walking, carrying packing and mingling. With this in mind, it’s vital to ensure that you provide ample seating for yourself and your team. Therefore, when planning your expo be sure to include dedicated staff seating which allows for tea breaks – but be sure to maintain a professional aesthetic (the last thing you want is your sales people sprawled on the only couch at your stand! Give them their own seating and it’s problem solved).

We often see exhibitors making the mistake of prioritising form over function, choosing intricate pieces that are beautiful to look at, but that are either uncomfortable, or take up too much of their precious exhibition space. Striking a balance is important. We recommend providing couches with additional ottomans and cafe seats that can be reconfigured so that potential customers can lounge in comfort and chat to your team.

2 – Stand Out From The Crowd

Your expo stand is an opportunity to reflect your brand, corporate values, and professionalism. It’s your calling card and a powerful advert to all the visitors that happen to see it. Choosing the right furniture to create a strong impression is therefore vital.

Your expo furniture choices should be on trend, the items should be in prestine condition, they should be inviting, sexy, practical, and easily accessible. Don’t skimp on the quality of the furniture you choose – it goes a long way to tell potential customers about your brand. The last thing you want is for your stand to look like it was done on a shoestring budget – especially when it stands in direct contrast with those of your competitors.

When it comes to expo furniture hire, going for affordable options doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. You can get items that are cost-effective, while also enhancing the final look of your stand. That’s why it’s so important to work with a furniture hire supplier that has wide range of prices, designs, and finishes. We recommend allocating budget for a few big ticket items, and filling the rest of your stand with functional, cost-effective items that compliment your look and feel. And don’t forget to give your products the visibility they deserve with striking showcases that pull in the crowds and stop people in their tracks.

3 – Theme the Scene

Best in class exhibition stands are memorable because they have a specific theme – one that their furniture choices compliment perfectly. Whether it’s retro, natural, recycled, classic, antique or futuristic, put in extra effort to ensure that your theme carries throughout the entire stand. This means carefully selecting furniture, finishings, colours, décor, and branding that creates a cohesive atmosphere across your entire stand.

4 – Practical Storage

Based on our experience, exhibition venues often lack practical storage space. Forunately, there are some ingeniously designed, practical furniture pieces (like this ottoman) that not only look good, but provide clever, workable storage solutions that you can utilise from within your stand itself.

Whether it’s extra stock, brochures, gift bags, or stationary – ensure that your furniture can store items you don’t want in public view both easily and discreetly. This way your visitors won’t be perturbed by any insightly clutter, you won’t be held liable for any injuries or damages that could occur in a frenzied exhibition environment, and your valuables can be safetly stored away freeing you up to focus on your visitors.


Planning an exhibition is challenging when you have to consider all the many elements at play. Fortunately, choosing your furniture becomes far less stressful when you take into account your staff’s needs, focus on a theme, express your brand, and think of clever ways to use your items as extra storage.

We at Inspire Furniture have years of experience in the exhibition industry, and we’re here to assist with the design, furniture hire, and set up of your next stand.